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Mechanical and electrical integration, also known as machinery and electronics, the English called for Mechatronics is in mechanical technology, electronic technology and information technology, organic combination and at the system level, modules and components to achieve spatial inheritance and interactive features. Mechatronics technology was born in 1960s, the technology and application of electromechanical integration in China is from the early 1980s with the development of reform and opening up. At that time, preparing the country for all aspects of financial, material and human input to mechanical and electrical integration of research to, the State Council has set up a special mechanical and electrical integration leadership team, organize the mechanical and electrical integration of technology development and research.
Chinese Association for mechatronics technology is accompanied by the state of mechanical and electrical integration of attention and investment, in September 1989 initiated the establishment of the national non-profit organization by the former Ministry of machinery and electronics industry approved. Engaged in mechanical and electrical integration, industrial automation, intelligent equipment technology and product research and development, production and application of the enterprise, research and Design Institute, universities and related organizations, such as voluntary form of professional associations (corporate social groups). At present, I will unit in charge of the SASAC of the State Council, the Ministry of civil affairs registration authority.
At present, the association consists of seven professional branch: robot engineering branch, programmable logic controller (PLC) branch, fieldbus professional committee, numerical control technology application branch, branch of industrial Ethernet, executive device and sensor interface professional committee, smart factory branch. The work of the three Committee: Legal Advisory Committee of experts, education and Training Committee and the working committee. The two international technology organization China Secretariat: China Committee of PLCopen international organization; International Association of Sercos China office. The editorial department of a journal, "Journal of the electromechanical integration technology at home and abroad".
With the development of the industry association, the process has gone through a full 26 years. In the long-term support of the majority of member and member enterprises, through the joint efforts of the five Council, the gradual development and mature. For the government as reference, to promote the development of the industry and technological progress, as the member for the enterprise to provide services and other aspects have made outstanding contributions. At present, to information technology and manufacturing industry to accelerate the integration of for the main characteristics of the intelligent manufacturing has become the main trend of global manufacturing, in intelligent manufacturing as the core of the new industrial revolution caused international society height of hot, major developed countries and regions have focused intelligent manufacturing, will be the realization of intelligent manufacturing as a target for the development of manufacturing industry. Around this goal to develop manufacturing industry and long-term development strategy, trying to seize the commanding heights of development for advanced manufacturing.
China has become the world's manufacturing power, has a complete, independent and complete industrial system, greatly promoted the process of industrialization and modernization of china. However, innovation is not strong, the level of industrial structure is not high to exist for a long time, the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry is a very difficult task. With a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is in our country and accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development to form the historic intersection, China's manufacturing industry has to climb over the ridge of the important juncture, the economic development of the new normal forced industry must accelerate the transformation and upgrading. It is in this context, the government issued a "China manufacturing 2025", made clear "as a breakthrough in intelligent manufacturing, and vigorously promote the integration of two of the depth of the policy".
Intelligent self optimizing integration of intelligent manufacturing is refers to the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other new generation information technology and design, production, management, service and other manufacturing activities of each link, with the depth information from perception, intelligence decision, precise control since the implementation of advanced manufacturing process, system and mode in general, with a smart factory as a carrier to key manufacturing sectors as the core to end to end data flow based, Netcom Internet to support the four major characteristics, can effectively shorten the product development cycle, improve production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce resource and energy consumption, to promote the manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading is of great significance.
Therefore, intelligent manufacturing has become an important development direction of the world manufacturing industry, it has been widely studied and applied in the global scope, is leading a new round of industrial revolution. Quickening the promotion of intelligent manufacturing is to implement the China manufacturing 2025 "the main direction, is the implementation of the industrialization and the depth of information fusion, build a manufacturing power of strategic initiatives is our country manufacturing industry closely follow the world trend of development, speed up the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector, the" made in China "to" China to create a "transformation, to seize the commanding heights of the economy and development strategy is the key.

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