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As a vendor - and produc t - independent worldwide organization, PLCopen missions to be the leading association resolving the control programming-related issues. Founded in 1992 with its headquarter in the Netherlands, PLCopen has set up several technical and promotional committees in order to engage in the technical and promotional activities.In cooperation with CAMETA (China Association for Mechatronics Technology and Application),
PLCopen China was set up in September, 2005, becoming its third regional office after USA and Japan. In compliance with the rules and regulations of PLCopen organization, PLCopen China provides specific
services, guidance and support for its members according to the current situation of China as well as its unique characteristics with its targeted member units ranging from various levels of suppliers and universities in order to promote its related technology in China. As one of regional offices of PLCopen, the Secretariat was set up under CAMETA.

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