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To raise the national application level of the high-tech, to provide timely information for the industrial enterprises and the technological trend and accelerate the replacement of the traditional industries with the new technology, CAMETA has for the past 10-plus years held multiple international exhibitions where the areas of its exhibition has increased from the original several thousand square meters up the current over 10 thousand square meters with total of millions of professional visitors attending over the years. Concurrently during the FA/PA, the conferences and forums are also held which are well received by various professional experts and attendees. As

a registered trademark Exhibition and approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the FA/PA is considered as a very reputable exhibition.

The CAMETA's FA/PA Exhibition Office divides into two departments: the Planning Department and the Promotion Department. Hosting and/or co-hosting, the two departments are responsible for al l the exhibition-related activities including the pre-planning, organizational coordination, on-site management, the concept-promotion, participation of the visitors

and data analysis. CAMETA was entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign Economic and Trade Cooperation to be the in the first group of working units that were given permission to hold the domestic economic and technological exhibition in July, 1998.

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